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Very good

Yelp is a user community that shares information about local businesses so you can make an informed decision before using them.

One of the worst feelings experienced by conscientious consumers is buyer regret, be it at a clothing store, local gym or restaurant. If customer service is important to you, make sure you're prepared before visiting certain businesses by checking out Yelp before you go.

On Yelp, you can be a passive observer or an active reviewer completely at your own whim. Use Yelp to search for specific businesses or even something more basic like "cheap dinners" in specific cities, states or zip codes. If it's been reviewed on Yelp, you'll find what you're looking for in no time.

Yelp reviewers have the option to give a business anywhere from one star at the worst and five stars if a business is truly great. They can also write a personalized review of their experiences. Make sure to take note of the date of the review though, as some of the top ones can be from a few years back and may no longer be relevant.

If you decide you want to get in on the reviewing fun, you can create a profile, add friends via Facebook, write reviews and even share them on Facebook, Twitter and more. If people like your reviews, they can compliment you on them, which boosts your Yelp street cred and puts you one step closer to becoming a Yelp Elite. You can also organize your reviews into lists for easier browsing later on.

Yelp is a great way to make informed financial decisions before choosing to go out on the town.

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